A Year On Youtube!


How are you all? I m very good myself, today is a big milestone for me as its been a whole 365 days posting videos on my channel ‘chelseamarieabery’ There is now a total of 342 people in my youtube family and a HUGE 729 members of my blogging family and you’ve all conjoined on my Instagram (Also ‘chelseamarieabery’). Its crazy how much we’ve grown, and I’m sharing more about myself with you all each and every day, my editing is improving, my videos and blog posts will be getting more exiting and its all going upwards from here! Id like to take a moment to thank you all on here for supporting me, commenting, liking and reading over the time I’ve been here! Your support means a lot.

I know this is only a little catch up but more detailed posts are most definitely coming soon! keep your eyes peeled. Thankyou once again!

All my love, chelseamarieabery xthumbnail_IMG_4421

Emotional Notebook

Hello everyone!

So in my last post I updated you on everything, well almost everything anyway. And I was thinking to myself that actually I am better now but its all because ive discovered a great coping mecognism for myself which is so simple and it hit me… why don’t I tell you lot incase some of you are a little more like me than we know and it could help you guys too!

So a little while during my blog posts and a while afterwards I got down, I was overly emotional all the time, crying, upset, down, blue. I didn’t have therapy or anything like that because thankfully I didn’t need it and I came out of it though myself and the lovely people I have around me, but it was a thought at some point. Me getting like that was because of lots of things, past, present, future, I had lots of things running curcils around my head and, like one thought after another and I didn’t know how to express it. which in turn then grew into fear, stress and threat. and my problem was that I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone… WRONG!! and in any case, I didn’t wanna bother them, after talking to my wonderful mumma and my fabulous boy friend (Harrison) about not wanting to bother others which they completely understood after coming along with me and my emotional brain, my mumma suggested something….

Write them all down, sort them out and box them up.

So I months later, im still writing down my thoughts and feelings. (not like a diary at all btw, more like a kind map) and im happy, bubbly, confident and just as I were before my head to control! my personal way is I write them down like a subject title, then draw lines from the subject saying; why it effected me, how I can solve it, and what to do next. and just like that im smiling. I think it helps as then instead of it floating around in my head, its written in front of me, in black and white so I can clearly see it and solve it, its so cheap too, you only need a pen and a peice of paper, no confusion or upset (most of the time).

Just a reminder though, its not a complete resolution, its okay to get down sometimes for a short time, you just need to know how to pick yourself up and not let it take control. Slip ups are forgivable you just need to get back on track and in aim afterwards!

I hope this has helped someone! Its simple and easy and solves a million things, and i know so many people who also do the same and it helps a lot with them so!


Thanks for reading,

all my love, chelseamarieabery x




A Very Long Time, No See

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog after months of me not writing and you guys not reading my content, im back! How have you all been?

I make no promises as to how many posts ill upload or how frequent they’ll be as i simply get on better with talking to a camera than i do typing what i think. Although if you do wanna follow me and come along on my journey then my you tube link is on my homepage or as an alternative, just search Chelseamarieabery into YouTube’s search bar and my profile picture is the same as on here, my Instagram and twitter!

So lets have a catch up, I mean nothing much has changed, personally im a lot more chilled out, i worry a lot less and i leave the past in the past… so i guess you could say ive changed my views on life and the way i do things! Only a positive of course, i am a lot more mentally happy!! Im still in my romantic relationship with Harrison (A year and 5 months going strong) I’ve got a new job with better pay and a lot more hours, which is partly the reason for me dissapearing. I have gained myself D*D* in my first year of college which gives me enough UCAS points to get into uni. With my second, (last year of college) i aim to gain my third D* too. and this time next year ill be off to uni to study Multi Media and Journalism in more depth which will flow me into full time work.

I guess you could say ive pulled myself together in the last 6 months?

For the more fun side…

Ive watched MAMMA MIA… OML how good is it??! if you haven’t watched it you definitely should! i mean i was obsessed with mamma mia (1) but now im soooo obsessed! and then watched mumma mia 1 in the theatre! Ive also just watched Christopher Robin… again another great movie, as you all know im obsessed with Piglet! and in two years time im on a Disney Florida holiday with the boyfriends family EEKKKKK. Ive treated my family to a meal for the first time, met lots of great people too. Ive had my first company collaboration for advertisement which was amazing.

Its all very positive and it going to stay that way too! Im learning to love who i am and what i look like as well as loving my life, turning the negatives into positives and putting a brighter view on everything, good or bad.

So thats a snip it of whats gone on in my little life so far and while i havent been blogging. all caught up? GoOd! haha

Also if you haven’t noticed already, i didn’t say hello LOVLIES just because that was how i used to open it but im different since then and ive changed how i do things.. small changes but they mean a lot to me.

Anyway, until next time, have a great day, week, month/months (i really dont know when ill next post.. im working on something for here but its taking some time) good bye.


all the love, chelseamarieabery xox




Camera Talk (very exited!)

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, today’s post is going to be me sharing images that I took from my Canon Power Shot G12 for what could be the last time. I’ve updated to a Canon 750D (don’t threat, my canon G12 isn’t going anywhere as it was my first proper camera and for the near future its becoming my vlogging camera but after that its going to be treasured).

Ill be doing a review on my Canon 750D very soon with sample pictures and videos for you all but for now well please enjoy my pics from my G12.

Anyway, I’m gong to proceed and share with you my pics!



I know this post has been rather short, I think my next post is going to be my everyday makeup routine and more on my book, maybe share a chapter or two with you!

much love forever and always, chelseamarieabery x

Something New?

Hello Lovelies,

So here’s today’s thoughts. Now as a human I am (as well as everyone else) capable of thoughts, feeling and emotions and I don’t know about you but I’m sure everyone has the voice in their head right? Like your talking to yourself but only in your mind – not aloud? (I may sound insane). The one that tells you to be quiet when your wrong, make you feel guilty, the one that tells yourself that the guy is hot and the one that says you shouldn’t really have eat that whole bar of galaxy chocolate. It’s always there. At least for me it is. And mine is always teaching me lessons and reminding me of the things I’ve learnt from soooo… I thought maybe it would be useful for some of you if I shared my head to you all. (Only the important lesson parts) almost like a personal diary I guess?? Although it won’t be TMI!!

How do you guys feel about that??

Much love, Chelseamarieabery x

My March Playlist

Hey Lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog once again. Todays post is something a little different, I’ve been having to perk my self up lately and nothing does that better than a little bit of motivational music to give you that jump in your walk.

Now my playlist has been a mix of Top 40, Westlife, a little bit of Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Ed Sheran and Shawn Mendes. I’ve also just made a new playlist and deleted my old 22 hour long playlist from 2016 (lol) to make a new 2018 one…


As you can see my playlists are rather relaxed and joyful, and Winnie The Pooh… its calming haha.

Im also loving spotify’s ‘This Is…’ Playlists!

And then theirs my playlist…


My Personal Top 20 Songs are currently;

Like Me Better – Lauv

Flying Without Wings – Westlife

God’s Plan – Drake

Somebody Special – Nina Nesbitt

The Middle – zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

Friends – Marshmello, Anna – Marie

Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato

Samantha – Dave, J Hus

Scene Two – Sleeping With Sirens

Im The One – DJ Khaled

Glorious – Macklemore, Skylar Grey

Ciao Adios – Anne – Marie

Animal – Josh and Daisy

End Game – Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Future

Bedroom Floor – Liam Payne

Personal – HRVY

When I Was Your Man – Jasmine Thompson

Shadows – Sabrina Carpenter

New Man – Ed Sheeran

Sick Boy – Chainsmokers

If you wanna find out whats in my playlist, you can follow my account; cmabery20000.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, its a little more upbeat from my last post,

see you all next time,

chelseamarieabery xx

Anxiety Is My Middle Name

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, this post is going to be way chatty and a little more personal as every now and then it’s good for you guys to get an update on my reality, and maybe pick up some advice – it’s always good to hear others experiences!

So lately I haven’t been feeling to great, I’m happy a lot of the time but when I’m down it takes a lot to get me back up – everything is alright and it always has been – my emotions are just majorly high right now. I know most will be able to relate. And I’m sure it’s just a “stage” as some may put it – I’m very insecure, terrified of my future and am struggling on the transition from school to college. Although I am a happy person normally some times my sky just becomes a little cloudier than usual that’s all.

I have found that knowing I have people at college that are there to help me (heath and wellbeing) and knowing I have the support of my family and boyfriend also helps. Writing my emotions down can also help and a lot of distractions like keeping yourself busy. Sometimes you just need an escape!

It’s always alright to cry – that’s important. Sometimes you just need to cry and it’s good to let your emotions out!

Don’t get me wrong my life is great and I’m an average 17 year old. Life is just crappy sometimes and although I aim to stay positive it’s also okay to not be as much sometimes.

I hope this has helped some of you relate and have made some of you realise that it is all okay and normal! – everyone deals with their issues differently!

Remember to support one anouther and stay kind and caring!

I’m always here to chat to! If you feel like you need to talk or let stuff off your cheast you can though direct messaging me on Instagram (Chelseamarieabery).

All my love, Chelseamarieabery x