My Foundation Collection

Hey lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, today's post will be my foundation routine as I now feel it is big enough to complete this haha.

Before I begin I'd like to say I use all of these with the Max Factor all day primer £11 and the Mac studio fix powder £22 as I have dry skin I also use Nivias dry skin moisture for £6

Here we go…. my first foundation and my most favourite of them all

Maybellines super stay 24 hour wear foundation which I believe is completely true! This is a flawless foundation, more cakey than non cakey (I forgot what that's called – not going to pretend to be a beauty guru for a second haha). I also feel the shade range is very good for this foundation, great job Maybelline!

My next foundation is No.7's Stay Perfect…

This claims to have non stop perfection with up to 25 hour wear. This I also believe is rather true I feel slightly less of the 24 hour wear on this one but never the less, this foundation is AMAZING! It also hides everything.

My next foundation is Bounjoris healthy mix syrum foundation…

This foundation is made for dryer skin, and because of the fruit I believe to be in the foundation… I swear I've read that somewhere, it also smells incredible!

Next up is Bounjoris cc cream…

This claims to be colour correcting,
red – anti-fatigue
Green – anti-rougeues
White – anti-taches

Which I also, yet again believe this to be true, unfortunately this seems to fade a little during the day and is slightly darker than I hoped it to be, but still amazing!

Now for Rimmels wake me up Foundation…

This is incredible, it completely wakes up the skin and give a natural but glam glow this would be for a much dewyer look maybe great for a holiday. This also has vitimin C , I'm not sure what this means but it can only be a benefit.

Now is Rimmels stay Matt foundation…

This is great for its claims, as it says it stays Matt all day, which it completely does however for me the foundation being a Mose means it's a little bit to thick for me. I much prefer a liquid but with that aside it's a amazing foundation!

And last but not least is L'Oréal's vision foundation…

This is insane!!! This is so natural and long lasting and where it's compact I can take it out and touch up during the day, it dosnt lay to long which is why that is a good added extra. I almost feel like my powder over takes this foundation, but this is amazing, possibly better on ya own.

Well Thankyou all for reading, I hope of you were looking at purchacing any of these that this has helped you, and until next time,

All my love, chelseamarieabery xx

My view on itv’s sensation ‘love island’

Hey guys!

I’m back again, and today I’m bringing you a different kinda post. I’m not sure how many if any of you watch love island on itv2, it’s on every night except Saturday night where instead of an episode, they post a weekly highlights post instead. This program has given their audience very mixed signals however I ant fault the program at all!

The contestants are quite something, all the girls have respect for one anouther and all the boys now are mainly sticking by their gals with a few bumps here and there, but hey! It’s reality tv, of course there is going to be a little bit of drama!

My faveeeeeee couple has to be gabbi and marcel! There so Inlove but in a chilled out!

however my fave contestant must me Camilla! Like many other people have been saying – “she’s Britons sweetheart” most people are looking up to her right now!

Who’s your fave couple and contestants?

Who do you think will win!!?

Anyway that’s my quick overview on the program and I hope you have enjoyed, until next time,

Thanks for the support, chelseamarieabery 💖

June Faves

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!! 

Today is very exiting as I can finally announce that my YouTube video has gone up and out to the world, you can now view it at chelseamarieabery on YouTube 😱

Anyway let’s get on with my faves from June! 

Let’s start off with the centre peice of my picture “girl online” written by the one and only Zoe Sugg, I’m to Inlove with her book series it’s almost obsessive… oops hahaha honestly her love story between penny and Noah Flynn has gotten me on the edge of my seat lol. 

Next is the No.7 Foundation “Stay Perfect”

Now this claims to stay flawless for up to 24 hours which I 99.9% agree with, obviously I haven’t worn it this long but it’s lasted pretty well for most of the day! And with my other fave – Mac Studio Fix Powder it lays all day and evening! 100% Inlove and now both products are a go to for me! 

Next up is the Make-up Revolution’s Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit

Now this is lush! I use the blush and highlighter most which give my fave a full pop and when (on the odd occasion) I wear the bronze, a sweep it along my fore head and under my chin to give my face some depth, and it’s also incredibly! 10/10 marks for me!

NYX’s butter gloss in shade 16

Personally I’m in love with this lip gloss because my lips are similar to this colour so for me it’s a “my lips but better” gloss and keeps me looking natural but gives me a glow (I feel anyway) I can’t rave more about this product if I tried haha. 

Last but not least is “incredible things” by Taylor Swift

This fragrance is a summery, floral but fun fragrance which also smells safisticated and smart. Definitely one for a girl going from child to lady! And the great part is it’s small and cute! You could easily throw this in your bag for travels! This is a golden gem!

I am so happy with this months faves! If you haven’t already, go give my YouTube channel a visit to se me in video instead of behind the words of the dictionary! And until next week,

All my love, chelseamarieabery x


Hey lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, how are you all? Today I am gonna nater on about a night that to me meant an awful lot, my prom night.

I spent my prom night, not only with all of my friends but also with my boyfriend. Me and him went to prom together in a white land rover which my auntie drove for us. I wore a navy blue, slightly detailed dress and he wore a navy blue suit with a baby pink tie. He looked amazing! We spent the evening at the Marret hotel where we each had a two course meal and hundreds of pictures taken, before dancing the night away. It was truly amazing!

My mother done my hair and I done my makeup as I wanted to be close to her for the evening and I didn’t want a huge fuss at all, after getting ready his family came to my house for photographs before setting for for the evening. ❤️

Did you ever go to prom? Let me know in the comments! And until next time,

All my love, chelseamarieabery xx

This Is Me

Hey lovelies!

This is me! erm I wasn’t sure how to start this off because to me its a massive deal lol. I thought if I rambled on and then edited to make it make scene it would be a good idea, so here it goes…

Hey Guys!

Some of you have been here though it all, thank you! and some of you have just joined, thank you too! and you’ve all helped me reach 501 followers!!!! THANKYOU! So I feel now is the time to be myself. My name is Chelsea Marie Abery, I’m 16 years old and I live in England. I enjoy fashion and makeup and writing and photography. I am part of a really close family. my house hold family consists of my mother and brother. my larger family consists of two aunties, two uncles, a nan a granddad and 3 cousins! At collage ill be studying Creative Media and Journalism and a possibility of photography all as BTEC’s. My dream is to end up with a house I’ve bought and done up, a marriage and two, maybe three children. I enjoy watching Love Island, Ex on the beach, EastEnders and FRIENDS! Honestly I am addicted to Friends! I also love watching Disney films or chic flicks. My favourite seasons are autumn and summer. I like the idea that I’m the typical girl with the beach bike with perfect hair…. but I’m not LOL. I also really enjoy watching YouTube haha. That’s me all summed up, I think.

here I am all smiley…. if you cant tell I’m in a real good mood while writing this haha.



Right, now I’ve introduced me I’d like to mention that I tied uploading to YouTube however it failed and after a lot of overthinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that for now I’m going to stick to being a blogger, I feel that’s where I belong.


Thankyou all so much for reading, I’m sorry for any disappointment I’ve caused, all my love…

chelseamarieabery x



The New Chapter..

Hey Lovelies!

How have you been? I hope your having a lovely day and id like to start off with saying… Welcome Back To My Blog! during my exams I uploaded a few short posts but wasn’t much and today is the start of my weekly uploads! So I have made the big decision of becoming myself with all of you so on Tuesday there will be a few small changes to the blog and an introduction post of who I am. My weekly upload day will be Friday. I am also add a post in Tuesday.

Anywayyyyyy, now I’ve explained that, id like to share with you the celebrations which took place yesterday after my last exam!!! Me and my family went out to a little shore side pub meal which was fantastic. we then went to my Aunties and Uncles who set up a little gazebo with candles which was ever so cute! it was a lovely way of spending the evening celebration the freedom and start to a bigger life.



Here are a few pictures which I just couldn’t resist taking!! anyway let me know down in the comments how you’ve been doing and how you are. and until Tuesday,

all my love, asprinkleofjoyyy x


Hey lovelies!

I’m gonna start with saying that I probably shouldn’t be writing this as my exams are tomorrow and I should be revising – but I am on my 30 min break and I have been revising until 5pm after school every night and all yesterday 😴 also.. my family are starting to say I’ll “burn out” so they put this device in my hands enabling for me to write his post lol. 

So yes my exams start tomorrow, I have a week full of exams and then it’s half term where my school is running a session each day which I will be attending! Then there are a following two weeks of exams and then I man Finnished!! I will then upload a post a week ish after! Which by then my account would have changed to being mtsepf and my YouTube and Twitter will be told I’ll then be uploading my first Video that week also! 

So yes… very excited! 

How are you or have you felt with your exams? I’m extremely nervous and have anxiety and pannik attaks so I’m really hoping I do not get to stressed and have a pannik attak! – 😬. For my grades I’m hoping for all C’s wig the exception to science cause I SUCK at that so bad! In a few of my subjects I’m getting a B and am A in so that’s made me proud 😊 what have your results been?

Anyway back to revision now!! 

See you all soon!

Much love, asprinkleofjoyyy x