My Two Saviours

Hello my Darlings!

I’m back with another post! I know, I’m actually on a role….

So today I’m talking about the two products that I’m loving lately, one for my face and the other for my hands, both places that get a little dry for me. So today I give you these two products;

My first, and most used – Neutrogena hand cream. There was a point in my life that I’m still trying to get over, let’s put it this way, germs weren’t my best friends, I’m talking bags full of anti-bac, baby wipes and lots of over washing my hands! So Neutrogena’s hand cream *saved* me, and still is helping me with the improving damage I caused to my working hands. I honestly recommend this to anyone with dry skin! you can normally pick it up on a deal in Superdrug or Boots (UK) but normal price I believe is £2-£3.

next up is my new Simple face wash, so far – touch wood – It hasn’t stung my eyes when washing off mascara! You honestly take the smallest amount in the palm of your hand, mix until it turns into a foam and them gently run your face. I then use a warm flannel a=to gently remove the lotion. I don’t cleanse my face, I just use a moisturiser for dry skin. At the moment the moisturiser of choice is No.7 Hydro-Luminous Over Night Recovery Cream, which even after one night of using, I noticed the moisturiser had given me a healthy glow! – So I’d also recommend that. Simple’s face wash was £3.99 at the time and No.7’s Hydro-Luminous Moisturiser was £7 at the time. You can pick most Simple products up at both Superdrug and Boots (UK) but can only buy NO.7 products from Boots as It’s their own brand.

If you do happen to use any of the products I’ve mentioned, please do let me know below or on my Instagram (Link on my home page).

Until next time, have a great week and give yourself time to breathe!

Chelseamarieabery x

No.7 Custom Blend’s Blending Part.1


Welcome back to the beginning of a new series, or a hugely long review/first impressions. I’m also posting this in picture form on the gram (link on my home page) if you’d prefer that.

So recently NO.7 – Boot’s store’s own brand – Brought out a Custom Blend Foundation. It claims to have light to full coverage and can blend into primers, moisturisers and spf’s. I’ve seen lots of reviews on You Tube and as NO.7 is one of my favourite brands and all of the products I’ve tried so far, I’ve LOVED! So why not, i brought the foundation – without a sample! – not like me at all!!

So this is the begging to a very long series, I’m going to try the Custom Blend Foundation with many combinations…. different primers, moisturisers, spf and powders!

So Trial One…

I Tried the foundation for the fist time today, I mixed the foundation with my NO.7 primer, I used three drops of the foundation and my usual amount of primer and applied it with a beauty blender at 10am.


After dabbing the foundation and primer into my skin, I decided to use my NO.7 press powder, the powder doesn’t offer any coverage, its just to set and Mattify I guess. I then went about my usual routine, trying to stick to the same products to keep this a fair test.


And this was the finished look…


It’s now 6:20pm and I’ve had to top up once on the powder, but around my nose and chin always gets a little oily so that was expected! But then i was still good to go!

This is much more of a natural foundation and with this primer and powder I’m pretty impressed with how its stayed and looked, especially for the Spring and Summer time! I am enjoying a more natural look lately as my skin is clearer I don’t feel I need as full coverage as normal, so this… so far is great. Let’s see how it goes!

Until next time, smile more and laugh harder!

Chelseamarieabery x

What’s Inside My Bag?


Let’s kick it back old school, like good-old, 2014 YouTube with a What’s Inside My Bag!


So recently I brought myself this gorgeous, over-the-shoulder bag from River Island! It was £37 (I think) and I also got it in blue…. like I’ve said before, I’m a little shopaholic! It’s a three compartment bag, and as well as it’s not too small, it’s definitely not huge by any stretch and yet it manages to fit an awful lot inside it! The picture above only displays a few of my fave items inside my bag!

So not only does it fit my gorgeous, matching, River Island purse inside it, my new River island sunnies, My headphones, hand cream, lippie and eyebrow brush, but it also fits in my brush and comb, my phone charger, my keys and of course, something I’m sure most of you girlies can relate too, my little makeup bag, full with those essentials for your personal time of the month! And on top of all that, I’m sure it would also fit so much more! It’s like a Mary Poppins’ bag! It’s one of my favourite purchases this year, let alone month or week!

I hope you enjoyed this throw back post! remember to enjoy yourself and express yourself to the fullest! Love, Cheleamarieabery x

Simple Ways To Style A Basic Denim Skirt In The Spring


Welcome back! I’ve wanted to venture out into fashion a bit more, I wear it every day and I bloody love a good shopping spree, so why not share it more and maybe help someone out?? Well lets give it a go and jump straight in….



So Recently I perchance this gorgeous, basic, black denim skirt from Miss Guided, for £20 and there’s endless ways to wear this! I’ve sticked to more spring like outfits as it isn’t tooo hot right now, and definitely not crop top or bare legs weather yet!

So here I have the Miss Guided skirt, some simple black tights, my reliable and trusty Black Converse, This lovely T-shirt from Newlook with these adorable tassels, and my new denim jacket from newlook too Not forgetting my backpack… also from newlook LOL! Super cute, not to cold but not to hot either, simple and easy yet it looks like you’ve made a bit of effort!



And now, for  a bit of a switch up but not too much, The same skirt, Converse and tights but this time a much thinner top, from H&M, and lovely, cheap, leather jacked from good-old Primark and a cross body bag from River island! Again, very simple and easy, not to cold or not to hot but super cute and easy!


Last but not least, a more summary option, againnnn same skirt, tights and trusty Converse but this time with a fresh, white, off shoulder top! tucked in, of course! Then paired with my new denim jacket and new backpack, both from Newlook like I’ve mentioned before! This has to be my fave because of the fresh bright colour, It’s just so fun!

There’s going to be a lot more of fashion related posts, so I hope you have enjoyed!!

Until next time, Chelsea x

What I’ve Been Loving Lately


Now every now an then new products come out and I have a little pocket full of cash… the cash aprt only happenes once in a blue moon – im sure you can relate! So a little shopping spree takes place, because im sure you’ll agree, it’s very easy to sink into using the same products over, and over and over again! So I felt I’d have switch up! And these are the current products from the spree tht I have fllen inlove with!

So to begin, I’ve started using my fave product of all… NO.7’s new Hydroluminous foundation! Personally I adore it, its luminous and it’s coverage is pretty damn good, its a light weight, summer foundation, but it covers my blemishes, Its not full coverage but its definitely medium coverage and if you built it up its then full coverage, its incredible! My normal college day is 11am to 3pm and id apply this foundation at 7am ish, when I get home I notice around my nose it shiny, as it is a glowy foundation anyway but after then topping my powder up, itll last the rest of the day! Now for a light weight glowy foundation, its rare to find one that long lasting even with the top up.

It’s claims;

‘Visibly fresh and radiant looking skin in an instant. Even better looking bare skin over time.’

‘This moisturising foundation gives a flawless, natural finish and a healthy all-day glow. Wear it every day and over time your skin looks fresher, healthier and more luminous.’


‘After 4 weeks use:
90% said their bare skin looked healthier
90% said their skin felt moisturised
84% said their bare skin looked brighter.’
Read more at;

I cant personally yet talk about it improving my skin over time or for the use after 4 weeks, however I can say that my skin does looking healthy at the moment, it is a glowy foundation that lasts all day and it is a ‘my skin but better’ foundation, its light and healthy, evens your skin tone and complexion and gives it a glow!

The next product is a slightly darker lippie, I was feeling bold and exiting, its super glossy and luxurious, my fave lippes are NYX Cosmetics, there super affordable but such great product’s!! My absolute fave gloss that I’ve re-purchased many times is my NYX butter gloss in shade 16, which for me is a “my lips but better” shade!

So moving on to my moisturiser, this one is Nivea, its their overnight dry skin moisturiser, and if you’ve been here for a while you would have heard about the long search I had to find myself a moisturiser for when my dry skin was at it’s worst, it isn’t as bad now but its still a essential for myself. This one also doubles up as a primer, although I don’t have haven’t used it that way yet.

My revolution Highlighter is also a fave right now as I’m branching into more if a summer dewy look, highlight for me is a must with dewy looks! I also have a Revolution fan brush which works an absolute treat! The highlighter only cost £4, revolution is super cheap but just like NYX Cosmetics, their products are amazing for the price!

Then onto a really recent perchance, my Rimmel Mascara, ever so affordable and works a treat, I’m blessed with long, full natural lashes, so for me mascara is an always… why wouldn’t I wanna show them off? I’m not to fussy with mascaras, as long as they don’t mark my under eyes throughout the day, I’m allll good!

And last but not least, my jewellery box, my lovely Mumma brought me this for Christmas and I am in love with it! Its gorgeous and right up my street! I think its from Tesco… not sure if its still available though.

Sooooo, that’s just a few of my fave from the past few months or so. I hope you have enjoyed reading and please let me know though here or my Insta if you’ve used one of my fave products! I love hearing what you guys think of the items I post about!

Until next time, have fun! Chelsea x

A Little Insight Into The Future

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to yet another fresh start! I know, i’m terrible! i start to like the content i put up, and then by impulse, boom! all gone. opps?

Today i’m taking it from a different angle, something a little different. So lately i’ve been feeling myself a lot more, in every way. I’ve started to become a heck of a lot stronger, making my own decisions, sticking up for myself, and the biggest one is learning not to care too much. Simple, small targets to hit for myself that add up to an awful big change.

chelsea 3

Today for example; My uni taster day! So I’ve been given a unconditional offer to the university of my choice, studying media studies with journalism and not only did i meet a few bloody lovey people but I also felt free, and frikin’ great! I felt like my old me, I felt confident and exited. I also went on a pretty big shopping spree after with my gorgeous Mumma, I picked up a few parcels and brought a few bits… haul on its way! In fact there’s an awful lot on its way, including getting pretty personal with you all, and most definitely getting this blog back up and running like the old days! I personally cant wait for you to see it all and i reckon – not to blow my own trumpet – that you’ll gonna love it! I’m also, once I’ve got a bit of money behind me will be investing a lot more into this blog and not only a new funky upgraded theme but also my own domain address anddddd hopefully being able to upload videos, but lets walk before we can run, right?

If there’s one thing I could tech you all, it’s to invest in yourself with everything, from a new gym outfit to a 4 year uni course, from a well deserved night out to a holiday, know your worth! Cause your pretty damn amazing!

An abrupt ending, but until next time, have fun! x