Camera Talk (very exited!)

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, today’s post is going to be me sharing images that I took from my Canon Power Shot G12 for what could be the last time. I’ve updated to a Canon 750D (don’t threat, my canon G12 isn’t going anywhere as it was my first proper camera and for the near future its becoming my vlogging camera but after that its going to be treasured).

Ill be doing a review on my Canon 750D very soon with sample pictures and videos for you all but for now well please enjoy my pics from my G12.

Anyway, I’m gong to proceed and share with you my pics!



I know this post has been rather short, I think my next post is going to be my everyday makeup routine and more on my book, maybe share a chapter or two with you!

much love forever and always, chelseamarieabery x


Something New?

Hello Lovelies,

So here’s today’s thoughts. Now as a human I am (as well as everyone else) capable of thoughts, feeling and emotions and I don’t know about you but I’m sure everyone has the voice in their head right? Like your talking to yourself but only in your mind – not aloud? (I may sound insane). The one that tells you to be quiet when your wrong, make you feel guilty, the one that tells yourself that the guy is hot and the one that says you shouldn’t really have eat that whole bar of galaxy chocolate. It’s always there. At least for me it is. And mine is always teaching me lessons and reminding me of the things I’ve learnt from soooo… I thought maybe it would be useful for some of you if I shared my head to you all. (Only the important lesson parts) almost like a personal diary I guess?? Although it won’t be TMI!!

How do you guys feel about that??

Much love, Chelseamarieabery x

My March Playlist

Hey Lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog once again. Todays post is something a little different, I’ve been having to perk my self up lately and nothing does that better than a little bit of motivational music to give you that jump in your walk.

Now my playlist has been a mix of Top 40, Westlife, a little bit of Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Ed Sheran and Shawn Mendes. I’ve also just made a new playlist and deleted my old 22 hour long playlist from 2016 (lol) to make a new 2018 one…


As you can see my playlists are rather relaxed and joyful, and Winnie The Pooh… its calming haha.

Im also loving spotify’s ‘This Is…’ Playlists!

And then theirs my playlist…


My Personal Top 20 Songs are currently;

Like Me Better – Lauv

Flying Without Wings – Westlife

God’s Plan – Drake

Somebody Special – Nina Nesbitt

The Middle – zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

Friends – Marshmello, Anna – Marie

Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato

Samantha – Dave, J Hus

Scene Two – Sleeping With Sirens

Im The One – DJ Khaled

Glorious – Macklemore, Skylar Grey

Ciao Adios – Anne – Marie

Animal – Josh and Daisy

End Game – Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Future

Bedroom Floor – Liam Payne

Personal – HRVY

When I Was Your Man – Jasmine Thompson

Shadows – Sabrina Carpenter

New Man – Ed Sheeran

Sick Boy – Chainsmokers

If you wanna find out whats in my playlist, you can follow my account; cmabery20000.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, its a little more upbeat from my last post,

see you all next time,

chelseamarieabery xx

Anxiety Is My Middle Name

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, this post is going to be way chatty and a little more personal as every now and then it’s good for you guys to get an update on my reality, and maybe pick up some advice – it’s always good to hear others experiences!

So lately I haven’t been feeling to great, I’m happy a lot of the time but when I’m down it takes a lot to get me back up – everything is alright and it always has been – my emotions are just majorly high right now. I know most will be able to relate. And I’m sure it’s just a “stage” as some may put it – I’m very insecure, terrified of my future and am struggling on the transition from school to college. Although I am a happy person normally some times my sky just becomes a little cloudier than usual that’s all.

I have found that knowing I have people at college that are there to help me (heath and wellbeing) and knowing I have the support of my family and boyfriend also helps. Writing my emotions down can also help and a lot of distractions like keeping yourself busy. Sometimes you just need an escape!

It’s always alright to cry – that’s important. Sometimes you just need to cry and it’s good to let your emotions out!

Don’t get me wrong my life is great and I’m an average 17 year old. Life is just crappy sometimes and although I aim to stay positive it’s also okay to not be as much sometimes.

I hope this has helped some of you relate and have made some of you realise that it is all okay and normal! – everyone deals with their issues differently!

Remember to support one anouther and stay kind and caring!

I’m always here to chat to! If you feel like you need to talk or let stuff off your cheast you can though direct messaging me on Instagram (Chelseamarieabery).

All my love, Chelseamarieabery x

Makeup Revolution’s NEW Foundation Stick Review

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, It has been a little while since we’ve spoken but non the less, im here again haha. Todays post is something a little different but is in very high demand right now! If your interested, ive also filmed a video which is going live on Monday on my youtube channel ‘chelseamarieabery’ the video is a little more in-depth as i try the foundation on and check back in to see how long its last etc.

Anywayyyyyy Lets get on with the post!

So i follow Makeup Revolution on Instagram and on their story they announced that they where bringing out a foundation stick in 17 shades which cost £5! Yes, thats right, £5!! At the moment you can only purchase this foundation online, and i think (THINK) the foundation is available to pick up in stores by late March 2018.

Now im a great lover of Makeup Revolution so I was so grateful for them bring out a foundation. I immediately searched for reviews across the internet and youtube and came across Sophiedoesnails Video on the product. (Sophiedoesnails does work along side with Makeup Revolution however her review was extremely honest and she did include some negatives).  She couldn’t rave more about the product and she explained as she has oily skin she had to do one touch up of powder throughout the day but that was all – so if you have oily skin thats a factor you may want to keep in mind but as the product is only £5 you wouldn’t be wasting to much money at all.


Here is the product. As ive said before, the product costs £5 and you do get a good amount of product for the price, I feel it will last me a long time but depending on how much you’d comfortably use will depend on how long it will last. (My video shows the amount of product inside if your interested). The packaging is super cute and handbag size which is another bonus! There are 17 shades available which covers everyones shade – another pro! So my initial thoughts were rather great – we were off to a great start.

The product is simple, remove the lid, and twist the rose gold section to reveal more product. A simple but glamourise design! As you can see, my shade is extremely pale (F1) – perfect for me!

Applying this was beautiful. I used my Max Factor All Day Primer as my base, The applied the foundation stick. I drew lines across my cheeks, forehead and chin. To ben i used my Real techniques Beauty Blender after dampening it. I had to dab rather firmly but none the less, the foundation blended seamlessly which was the part i was most concerned about so i was rather impressed! The coverage is medium to full and is buildable. It covers imperfections and red patches which is ideal for me. I then powdered with my Mac Studio Fix Powder like normal. And the foundation sat perfectly.

I then went on my normal day routine, College 9am to 2pm (i know i have a great timetable!) It was a windy day but no rain and then a hospital visit for a blood test where i was nervous! Then returning home to Finnish filming my video (5pm). The foundation had lasted all day and still looked flawless! i was so impressed! 5 out of 5 stars for me!

Information you may need to know; I have extremely dry skin and and use Nivea Dry Skin moisturiser. I have a pale complexion.

As you can tell i cant get enough of this incredible foundation, Makeup Revolution has succeeded!

I hope you have enjoyed this review! if you have tested this product yourself please tell me about your experience below. Ive read many reviews and I’ve only seen one negative review so far!

Many thanks, Chelseamarieabery x



A Little Makeup Haul

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, I’m enjoying photography and writing a lot more at the moment over and above YouTube, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy YouTube it just means I’m enjoying writing more right now.

So a few weeks ago, my Nan gave me a Marks and Spencer’s box (which if I’m honest I thought was going to be a underwear set) but to my surprise, the box was filled with little makeup samples – well some where samples but others were full sized makeup products. I thought it would be exiting to create a blog post on as it brightened my day!

I will just clarify that my Nan didn’t spend all of this money on me, She brought herself a M&S advent calendar for Christmas, and the products I where given where the products she didn’t want and wouldn’t use. This doesn’t change the fact that I’m overly grateful for her giving me all of these products, I couldn’t thank her enough.

So, here we go!

So this is the little box which was sitting on my chest of draws and you can probably guess that I was delighted. When I opened it I was even more exited, I picked up a few items to read what they where and once I decided on doing the blog post, I researched the items, to give you guys an insight so you guys could also know what was in this little box of glory!

Section One (makeup)!

Lets start off with… Mascara

The one in the grey tube; Eyeko London Mascara. This is designed to last for hours, its water resistant and aims to curl your lashes with extra volume. After trying this mascara, I can say it is water resistant and it does indeed last for hours!

The one in the black tube; Diego Dalla Palma Mascara; This is designed to boost lashes and with its delicately designed wand, it does just that.

Lets now move onto Primer..

As you can see, These are in face sample sizes which are going to be perfect for hand bags!

The blue one; Autograph Hydrating Confidence Primer. It extends the wear of foundation, is smooth and has an invisible finish which also hydrates the skin.

The two nude tubes; Pur Correcting Primer. Illuminates and glows, (gluten free) and vegan friendly!

Now for a eye brightening serum…


this Max Factor product stuck out to me in the box as its a familiar and well loved product, especially for the late nights and early mornings.

The Max Factor Eye Luminizer; brightens the under eyes.

And next is lips….

These two where an amazing surprise! Infract I couldn’t wait, I had to try them on straight away.

Stila (the bottom in the Left image and bottom of the two images on the right); Stay all day liquid lipstick in PERLA which is a really nice, nude, pinky lip colour.

Pixi (the top in the image on the left and the top image out of both images on the left); Lip Lift max in the shade HONEY SHEEN which is a clear gloss. Perfect for your favourite matt lips when you want them to have a little shine.

And the last beauty product.. Eyes

Another familiar name!

No.7 Bold Eye Shadow Palate (mini); Now these shades include a deep and light blue, a dark grey, a white, crème and stone shade. With a small mirror and tiny eye shadow brush. Perfect for traveling Right?!

Now lets move onto the skin care section…

This section includes nails, balms and crèmes.. So lets begin with balms..

So here we have two balms. Ill discuss The top two images first and then move onto the bottom two images.

The top two images; Ted Baker Lip Balm. This is in vanilla and to my surprise, doesn’t smell of anything! none the less it feels amazing and smooth!

The bottom two images; EH Moringa Clensing Balm. This is a multi use balm, worth a lot of money! This product has a lot of uses including, cleanses and moisturises skin, it works as a mask if left for about 10 minutes and removes makeup effortlessly.

Two Body Lotions..

The top left image; Amelioiate transforming Body Lotion. This is meant to remove surface dead skin and stimulate the renewal of healthy skin cells, which is apparently clinically proven!

The bottom left image; Laboratories Filorga Paris. Meso – Mask, this illuminates and smooth’s and radiances the skin after being left on for 15 to 30 minutes.

And last of all, Nail Varnishes…

As you cam see, there all from No.7, The two fall sized ones, Pink – OYSTER and Gold – HOT OR TROT are both amazing colours, my favourite has to be the pink one! And the two sample sized ones, Purple – FOXGLOVE and Red – DEVILS DELIGHT are also two amazing colours!

You can find all of the products above on the FEELUNIQUE website!

So that is all of the products inside the box, I am overly grateful to my Nanna for giving me these product and I’m so exited for you guys to read all about them! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Ill see you all very soon.

Much love, Chelseamarieabery x

I’m Back!

Hey Lovlies!

Yes your right, I’m updated and refreshed but there was no way the into ‘Hey Lovelies’ was going to disappear! So how have you all been? If you’ve been wondering where I am, what ive been up to, where I went… the simple answer is I haven’t gone anywhere, and I haven’t been doing much either, I simply just needed a little time to sort out my life and refresh my brain. But I’m back. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that I’m not uploading every Friday any more, I’m uploading as and when i’d like to before my hobby becomes something I find more of a task. Si every now and then there’ll be a video. The same rules apply for here, Every now and then ill upload, some week you may have a overload of me and others you may not hear a thing. None the less ill update you every now and then haha. I’m never to far away!!

As you can see, ive updated my site after long last, If you’re struggling to find your way around, no worries, it took me a while to, and its a different layout for different devices to, so to save me the hassle explaining each device inside and out, if your struggling, let me know ! Tell me – what device your on and what you can’t find in the comments, and ill get back to you asap!

There is also some exiting news! Weve reached 720 followers!! CRAZY right!!? Thank you so much for the constant love a support from you all, it makes me love writing even more than I originally did.

Now I’m going to get some rest as ive been at work all day, washing up! so I’m gonna have a stretch, I would say have a bath and hair was and cosy up in pj’s but ive already done all that, instead I’m going to write a few more chapters in for my book!! haha, more will come soon.

I’m scheduling a post tomorrow for Friday! (A mini beauty haul) – I hope you’re looking forward to it! Im glad we’ve caught up, Much love, ChelseaMarieAbery x